Graham Ramsdale has been the manager of Tatiara Seeds since its inception and believes customer service is his highest priority.

Tatiara Seeds has been in operation since 1976. It began in Bordertown, with one processing plant and a single operator. Now Tatiara Seeds operates at Bordertown and Keith with a total of nine processing plants, and a staff of up to 45.

We have approximately 120 silos for incoming storage and 8,000 square metres of warehouse for storing bags of seed.

Graham or any of his team of experienced seed cleaners can advise you about all aspects of weed seed removal and processing to eliminate any other contaminants.

The Keith branch of Tatiara Seeds was built in 1998. Tina Sellars manages this site, which has three processing plants and over 100 silos. The Keith site has the capacity to process, dry and despatch all types of seed.

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